The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Atlantic Acting School

The Caucasian Chalk Circle By Bertolt Brecht. 

Directed by Jessi D. Hill. Set Design: Kristen Robinson, Lighting Design: Owen Walz, Composer and Musical Director: Nate Weida. 

Produced by The Atlantic Acting School, Atlantic Stage 2, 330 West 16th Street New York City, October 2013.

Featuring: Brooke Cannons, Michelle Cronin, Xavier Galva, Kathy Huynh-Phan, Mayu Iwasaki, Sophia Kokonas, Rafaela Lewis, Lydia Light, Sergio Maggiolo, Gabriela Martinez, Ilana Mollick, Ian Prychodniez, Lukas Raphael, Candice Vincent, Peter Wallace, Nic Westwood, and Wesley Zurick.

Photography by Joanne Bouknight.

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