Blessed Unrest's The Storm


Just opened a fantastic production of The Storm by Aleksandr Ostrovsky here in NYC with my friends at Blessed Unrest. Click here for tickets! Playing until May 7th, 2012.

 “I liked the choreography and the way the ensemble moved together in such a way as to create another kind of architecture along with the space.  This was enhanced by the costumes, which - like the theater space worked with various shades of red and tan colors, so that everyone seemed to somehow emerge from the earth of the floor (painted red, too).  This whole mise-en-scène made the piece seem organic to the place and gave it a rootedness that is unusual in more traditional theater venues..” - Julia Lee Barclay, from her Blog ’Lost in Translation’ - Click Here to Read the Review

“There is much to be admired in the skill and imagination exhibited here, including ... the mixed-period costumes of Summer Lee Jack.” - Ron Cohen, - Click Here to Read the Review  

Read this interview with playwright and actress Laura Wickens …  Click Here

Hear what Director Jessica Burr has to say about the Storm ... Click Here


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