Bossa Nova

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“The production values are good, especially in Ana M. Milosevic's set design which uses a mix of turntables and tracks to easily and speedily transition between the present and the past, aided by Laura J. Eckelman's lighting design.  Summer Lee Jack's costumes extend from Lady's colorful, upper crust evening dresses to Michael's eclectic 60's take on a zoot suit.” "Bossa Nova" adds new rhythms to self-discovery tale by Andrew Beck -

Trying Not to Let the Color Show by Anita Gates - New York Times

Rep’s quietly affecting “Bossa Nova” seeps into your soul by E. Kyle Minor - New Haven Register

“Bossa Nova” deals with a black women in a biracial culture by Joe Meyers - Connecticut Post

Daughter Adrift in Mother’s Battlefield by Don Aucoin -

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