Into the Woods at Charlottesville Opera

"Summer Lee Jack's stunning costumes are a perfect balance of the illusory and the real world, bringing some edge to the story." - Jeremy Bustin from (Photo Credit: Jane Moore-Coll Photography)

Small Town Story at SOPAC

"The costume designer, Summer Lee Jack, created costumes that were unique to each teenage character's identity and gave the audience an accurate impression of each character." - Sarah Gordin from OnStage Blog (photo by Bryce Cutler)

Prince and the Pauper at Quintessence Theatre Company

tn-500 princeandthepauper8-2

"While Carpenter’s set is spare, he makes extensive use of props (Shannon Kearns) and lighting (David Sexton) to change scene and, on occasion, mood. The Renaissance music design of Max Silverman is haunting. But the big production player is the fabulous costume creation of Summer Lee Jack that makes all this mayhem possible." - Chestnet Hill Local 

"John Basiulis, Mattie Hawkinson, Tai Verley, and Steven Wright play all the people they encounter. Summer Lee Jack’s quick-change costumes have all four switching from court to street. Alex Burns’s set likewise is built for speed, with two platforms that roll in with furniture for quick changes, lit cleanly by David Sexton." - Mark Cofta from 

"White and Rumsey-Lasersohn use their substantial talents to create a pair of protagonists who are as flawed as they are relatable. White maintains a goofy vulnerability even as Tom grows into his new-found power, while Rumsey-Lasersohn projects entitled refinement despite Edward's increasingly dire circumstances. John Basiulis, Mattie Hawkinson, Tai Verley, and Steven Wright use a variety of clever costumes and props to perform nearly thirty additional roles. Basiulis is vicious as Tom's thieving father and utterly hilarious as a sleepy little cow. Hawkinson brings an unexpected depth to wise Lady Edith. Verley's depiction of Tom's loving but fearful mother is heartbreaking. Wright's shift from dying king to displaced noble is so complete it is possible to forget there is one man playing both roles. - Review by Rebecca Rendel Talkin' Broadway

Final Bow for Morning Star with OSO 2

So sad to say goodbye to Morning Star with On Site Opera! Such a wonderful opera and such a short sold out run. Hope you got to see it! Congratualtions to all! Bravo Tutti! #anotheropeninganothershow #onsiteopera #morningstaroso

Morning Star with OSO

“Since no money was needed for sets, there was a budget for well-crafted costumes. Sadie’s second act red and white ensemble was particularly attractive. On Site Opera spent its money wisely, as the singers were often just inches away from the audience; neither a weak link in the cast nor shoddy garb would have gone unnoticed.” - Rick Perdian

On Site Opera - Morning Star

“Summer Lee Jack created costumes to reflect the period. Twenty one years pass between the first and second acts, and Jack ages characters in dress. The mother becomes dumpy. Sadie, the wicked oldest sister, spiffs up as she becomes a successful entrepreneur.”  -Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine

“There was a 21 year gap between Act I and Act II; Summer Lee Jack's costumes were appropriate for both periods.” - meche kroop Voche Di

“Summer Lee Jack dressed the cast in period style, made even more persuasive with Emilia Martin’s vinage wigs.”- Bruce Hodges from Musical America Worldwide

On Site Opera - Morning Star

Check out this picture taken by Cree Carrico the singer portraying the youngest daughter Esther in the opera I am currently designing with On Site Opera ‘Morning Star’. I posted copies of the costume sketches and some of my research on the walls of the rehearsal room… 

Resposted from her Instagram @creecarrico:

creecarrico Feeling inspired for my ghostly appearances in “Morning Star” after my trip to Charleston. #onsiteopera #morningstar#rickyiangordon #missestherfelderman#mrsharryengel #ghosts #haunting #spooky#triangleshirtwaistfactory

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 9.24.41 PM
Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 3.54.51 AM

On Site Opera - Morning Star 2

Check out this awesome clip about the wonderful history behind the opera I am currently designing with On Site Opera right now as featured on New York One TV.

Rodeo Twelfth Night

IMG 1432

Designing a fun production of 'Twelfth Night' right now with the Dalton School here in New York City. This production has a 1950s Western feel. Sometimes I get to dress New York High School students like cowboys and cowgirls! #bestjobever #costumedesignlife #highschooltheaterforever

Flashback to 2005

I was looking back at my old portfolio pictures the other day and remembering this little show I did in 2005! This is from our production of The King Stag’ at Arizona State University. Way back when Ms. Miriam Grill @mmgrill was my leading lady (now a fabulous directing MFA student at Columbia) and when I had the best costume shop ever with Melissa Montoya @magnoliajoy Tammi Hanawalt @htammi and Kathy Stephenson! #kingstag #designerlife#costumedesignlife

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