The Tower

AntiMatter Collective

The Tower produced by AntiMatter Collective written by Adam Scott Mazer, directed by Philip Gates. Scenic Design- Peiyi Wong, Lighting Design- Alana Jacoby, Sound & Projection Design- Sam Kusnetz, Gore & Special Effects- Stephanie Cox-Williams, Puppet Design- Daniel Fay, Props Master- Dan Daly, Choreography- Alexa Andreas. 

Performed at HEREarts Center, 145 Sixth Ave, NY, NY. December 5-19, 2015. 

Starring: Elizabeth Bays, Courtney Fenwick, Rebecca Hirota, Marlowe Holden, Craig Mungavin, Karsten Otto, Joe Petersen, Rudi Utter, Leah Walsh & Curry Whitmire.

The Tower is a psychedelic journey into the history and mythology of the Donner Party, a group of snowbound pioneers who notoriously resorted to cannibalism to survive a brutal winter in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Part loft party environmental theater experience and part guided tour though the tale of the Donner Party, The Tower employs historical fact and hallucinatory speculation in search of the terrible heart of the Donner legend. A vision of adolescent America: frostbitten, bloodstained, ravenous. 

Photos by Eileen Meny Photography.

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