Vaska, Vaska, Glöm

Yale Cabaret

Vaska, Vaska, Glöm: A Tale for Forgetters and Fish by Stephanie Hayes

Directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz, Scenic Design by Matt Saunders, Lighting Design by Nina Hyun Seung Lee, Sound Design by Ken Goodwin, Film by Hallie Cooper Novak. 

Produced at the Yale Cabaret, New Haven, CT, September 28- 30, 2010. 

Synopsis: Amidst the sounds of splashing water and the smell of fish, two little old ladies live out their days singing old songs and arguing old arguments. When they suddenly find themselves the guardians of a baby girl with an excessive fondness for fish, their lives take an unexpected turn. But with each new love comes the promised pain of new loss. This new play by third-year YSD actor Stephanie Hayes explores a world of memory and forgetfulness: 
 Memories lost. 
Memories gained. 
The sadness of forgetting and the pain of remembering. 
Piecing together shattered fragments of memory to create new tales from old.

Photo by Nick Thigpin and Matt Saunders, film stills from film shot and edited by Hallie Cooper-Novak 

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