‘Eurydice' at Wesleyan

Getting ready for my seventh design since January of 2019 with some fittings for ‘Eurydice’ at Wesleyan University directed by Corey Sorenson. 

Just taking this dress for a spin on the fabulous set designed by Emmie Finckel, beautiful dress made by Christian Milik. Going into tech tomorrow! Wish me Luck!

Photo by Mary Paul.

'Awake and Sing!' at Quintessence in Philly

Here is a clip from a production I designed of ‘Awake and Sing!’ by Clifford Odets at Quintessence Theatre Company in Philadelphia:

“The set by Meghan Jones is a realistic image of a 1930s apartment, with dining room and living room alongside each other, separated by a curtain. The costumes by Summer Lee Jack look authentic." - Steve Cohen

Summer Lee Jack's costume design for Gleason—oversized shirts and no suits—contribute to the sense of juvenile angst...Summer Lee Jack's period costumes designs are spot on.” - Rebecca Rendell /philly/phil 450.html

Photos by Shawn May Photography.

'Mr Burns' at Wesleyan


When a reviewer mentions your work specifically but doesn’t seem to recognize the role of the designer:

“It’s hard to pull off the play-within-a-play device without looking cheesy, but the cast makes it work with discernible shifts between their “onstage” and “backstage” personas. The highlight of Act Two is a “chart hits” interlude in which all of the characters come on stage sporting sparkly, flashy costumes and perform a mash-up of songs that you definitely played at your Bar Mitzvah (Britney Spears’ “Toxic”, Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”, you know the drill). The singing is outstanding; the dance sequences, choreographed by Julie Mulvihill and Shana Laski ’19, are commendable, and viewers are reminded of why these songs have become the backbone of American culture […] Prior to the show, viewers are informed of the use of strobe lights and gunshot sounds, but unfortunately, the audience is not warned of the terrifying full-bodied Simpsons costumes." - Allison Hsu from the Wesleyan Argus

Photos by William Halliday.

'Rhoda and the Fossil Hunt': Lyric Unlimited

Here is a clip from an interview I did for the upcoming production of 'Rhoda and the Fossil Hunt' at Lyric Opera of Chicago with their Lyric Unlimited Program! 

Here is another video about the story of the opera (featuring my costume design sketches for this show!):

'Rhoda and the Fossil Hunt': Lyric Unlimited Production Photos


I am So excited for this production to be performed in Chicago at area elementary schools with Lyric Unlimited Chicago in its new extended format! Such a delightful way to bring science and opera to young audience!


Here are some production photos of the new production in action, and here is the information about performances in Chicago that are open to the public:

Don’t miss this exciting show for all ages! Check out these Instagram posts that feature the costumes!

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'Into the Woods' at Charlottesville Opera

"Summer Lee Jack's stunning costumes are a perfect balance of the illusory and the real world, bringing some edge to the story." - Jeremy Bustin from (Photo Credit: Jane Moore-Coll Photography)

'Small Town Story' at SOPAC

"The costume designer, Summer Lee Jack, created costumes that were unique to each teenage character's identity and gave the audience an accurate impression of each character." - Sarah Gordin from OnStage Blog (photo by Bryce Cutler)

'Prince and the Pauper' at Quintessence Theatre Company

tn-500 princeandthepauper8-2

"While Carpenter’s set is spare, he makes extensive use of props (Shannon Kearns) and lighting (David Sexton) to change scene and, on occasion, mood. The Renaissance music design of Max Silverman is haunting. But the big production player is the fabulous costume creation of Summer Lee Jack that makes all this mayhem possible." - Chestnet Hill Local 

"John Basiulis, Mattie Hawkinson, Tai Verley, and Steven Wright play all the people they encounter. Summer Lee Jack’s quick-change costumes have all four switching from court to street. Alex Burns’s set likewise is built for speed, with two platforms that roll in with furniture for quick changes, lit cleanly by David Sexton." - Mark Cofta from 

"White and Rumsey-Lasersohn use their substantial talents to create a pair of protagonists who are as flawed as they are relatable. White maintains a goofy vulnerability even as Tom grows into his new-found power, while Rumsey-Lasersohn projects entitled refinement despite Edward's increasingly dire circumstances. John Basiulis, Mattie Hawkinson, Tai Verley, and Steven Wright use a variety of clever costumes and props to perform nearly thirty additional roles. Basiulis is vicious as Tom's thieving father and utterly hilarious as a sleepy little cow. Hawkinson brings an unexpected depth to wise Lady Edith. Verley's depiction of Tom's loving but fearful mother is heartbreaking. Wright's shift from dying king to displaced noble is so complete it is possible to forget there is one man playing both roles. - Review by Rebecca Rendel Talkin’ Broadway

Final Bow for 'Morning Star' with OSO 2

So sad to say goodbye to Morning Star with On Site Opera! Such a wonderful opera and such a short sold out run. Hope you got to see it! Congratualtions to all! Bravo Tutti! #anotheropeninganothershow #onsiteopera #morningstaroso

'Morning Star' with On Site Opera

“Since no money was needed for sets, there was a budget for well-crafted costumes. Sadie’s second act red and white ensemble was particularly attractive. On Site Opera spent its money wisely, as the singers were often just inches away from the audience; neither a weak link in the cast nor shoddy garb would have gone unnoticed.” - Rick Perdian  Thanks for the compliment reviewer! This was one of my fave looks in the show too! Maybe there was a designer involved? No?

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