A Christmas Carol at Blessed Unrest


"The costumes by Summer Lee Jack range from extravagant to suggestive. Considering the number of characters each actor played, these garments had to be very portable and easy to put on and remove and Ms. Jack succeeds admirably.” - Joel Benjamin www.theaterscene.net

"Costume design by Summer Lee Jack is layered and detailed.  Brimmed hats and coats with tails evoke England of the 1800s.  Fabrics are detailed and textured and show the wear and tear of the times...” - Marcina Zaccaria www.theaterpizzazz.com

"The actors also engage in a fascinating choreography of costume changes with lace collars and vests appearing from underneath stacked doors and one woman nonchalantly tying another’s sash in a corner.” - Sandra Mardenfeld www.showshowdown.com

“A Christmas Carol” runs from December 5 – 22 (opens Dec 7) at The Interart Theatre (500 West 52 St at 10th Ave) in NYC.  For more information, visit tickets, please visit http://www.BlessedUnrest.org. 


Photo by Alan Roche. 

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