'Angel’s Bone' at Oberlin Review 

"The ingenuity of the spatial arrangement became obvious Wednesday night when the eight-person chorus burst through the fire doors wearing choral robes, their backdrop uncannily white to imply the heaven from which they have descended. As their unsettled harmonies rose in volume, Mrs. X.E. (Alexis Reed), a housewife, strolled in pouting from the opposite entrance to watch television, carrying nothing but a cutting board and — foreshadowing — a knife.” - Nicholas Stevens http://clevelandclassical.com/oberlin-opera-theater-du-yuns-angels-bone-at-the-cat-in-the-cream-coffeehouse-jan-31/  

Don’t you just love it when a reviewer mentions costumes in a review specifically and never mentions the designer who put those costume pieces on stage…? #costumemiracle #designerlife #costumedesignlife 

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