Aspen Opera Theater Center Onegin in OperaNEWS

                "Among the supporting roles, Alexandra Schenck (Olga) and Alex Soare (Gremin) stood out, though Soare could have eased up on his wooden-Prince stiffness. There was fine work from the chorus — prepared by Elizabeth Buccheri — which delivered those peasant songs with enthusiasm. And they danced wonderfully: the two great ballroom scenes were a feast for the eyes, thanks to choreographer Jeanne Slater, who sent her charges waltzing and polonaise-ing in delightfully intricate combinations. Adding to this production’s appealing look were the costume designs of Summer Lee Jack. In the pit, opera veteran Steven Mercurio brought out assured playing and a full-blooded sound from his orchestra of forty-nine. 

- MARC SHULGOLD - Opera News 7/10/14 to read the full review go to

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