'Awake and Sing!' at Quintessence in Philly 

Here is a clip from a production I designed of ‘Awake and Sing!’ by Clifford Odets at Quintessence Theatre Company in Philadelphia:

“The set by Meghan Jones is a realistic image of a 1930s apartment, with dining room and living room alongside each other, separated by a curtain. The costumes by Summer Lee Jack look authentic." - Steve Cohen https://theculturalcritic.com/awake-and-sing/

Summer Lee Jack's costume design for Gleason—oversized shirts and no suits—contribute to the sense of juvenile angst...Summer Lee Jack's period costumes designs are spot on.” - Rebecca Rendell   https://www.talkinbroadway.com/page/regional /philly/phil 450.html

Photos by Shawn May Photography.

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