On Site Opera - 'Morning Star'

Check out this picture taken by Cree Carrico the singer portraying the youngest daughter Esther in the opera I am currently designing with On Site Opera ‘Morning Star’. I posted copies of the costume sketches and some of my research on the walls of the rehearsal room… 

Resposted from her Instagram @creecarrico: https://www.instagram.com/p/BftFwDjltF_h33wewa-Uo6wLprV5_kJn1Bxi6c0/?taken-at=345235782190414

creecarrico Feeling inspired for my ghostly appearances in “Morning Star” after my trip to Charleston. #onsiteopera #morningstar#rickyiangordon #missestherfelderman#mrsharryengel #ghosts #haunting #spooky#triangleshirtwaistfactory

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