Allegro at Astoria Performing Arts Center

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"The changes in period are intelligently conveyed through Summer Lee Jack's costumes, which range from turn-of-the-last-century garb to business suits.” -  David Gordon

"The cast, under the direction of outgoing APAC artistic director Tom Wojtunik, gave full-bodied performances,...Christine O’Grady’s choreography was simple and balletic, moving the cast around efficiently. The set by Stephen K. Dobay was quite extravagant for a small off-Broadway company as were the costumes by Summer Lee Jack.” - Joel Benjamin

"The set design by Stephen K. Dobay, costumes by Summer Lee Jack, sound by David A. Thomas and, especially, the evocative lighting by Dan Jobbins all contribute to the show’s nostalgic feel.” - Mark Lord

"The costumes, designed by Summer Lee Jack, were gorgeous as well as versatile…” - Georgina Young-Ellis

Photo by Paul Fox. 

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