On Site Opera - 'Morning Star' 

Summer Lee Jack created costumes to reflect the period. Twenty one years pass between the first and second acts, and Jack ages characters in dress. The mother becomes dumpy. Sadie, the wicked oldest sister, spiffs up as she becomes a successful entrepreneur.”  -Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts.com https://www.berkshirefinearts.com/03-22-2018_on-site-opera-at-the-tenement-museum.htm

“There was a 21 year gap between Act I and Act II; Summer Lee Jack's costumes were appropriate for both periods.” - meche kroop Voche Di Meche.com http://www.vocedimeche.reviews/2018/03/on-site-opera-on-lower-east-sideeremia.html

Summer Lee Jack dressed the cast in period style, made even more persuasive with Emilia Martin’s vintage wigs.”- Bruce Hodges from Musical America Worldwide https://www.musicalamerica.com/news/newsstory.cfm?storyid=40081&categoryid=4&archived=0

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