Opera Wire Review for ‘Rhoda'

When the reviewer mentions your costumes but does not credit it as a design at all: "As parents and bustling children filled the area sectioned off for the performance, I thought nothing of it when a small figure in stripes and a suspendered skirt brushed past me; with a vocal flourish that was undoubtedly operatic, this figure turned out to be none other than soprano Jennifer Zetlan in the role of eight-year-old Rhoda, whose energy caught the eyes and ears of all gathered… More than a fun concept, I was impressed with how clear the singing came across over the excited murmuring of the parents and children, which was dense given the modest size of the hall. Though geared for a slightly different audience, this was an opera through and through, and it was skillfully handled by production company On Site Opera.” - LOGAN MARTELL SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 from Opera Wire http://operawire.com/on-site-opera-2017-review-rhoda-and-the-fossil-hunt-a-fun-opera-about-the-imagination-of-scient/

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