The Cunning Little Vixen at MSM


"Jihye Oh’s preening rooster presided hilariously over her brood of quacky, clacky chicks with their pearls and knitting needles… Montana York was an animated Frog, Heeso Sun a sunny Butterfly, Sarah Schultz a gracefully dancing Dragonfly, and Alexandra Koutelos a fashion-forward owl in Iris Apfel’s signature glasses. As the Mosquito, tenor Biran Egan conveyed the eager glee those hateful insects must feel when circling their unsuspecting prey. In Summer Lee Jack’s colorful, suggestive costumes, the ensemble pranced, crawled, and danced gamely.”  — Joanne Sydney Lessner from Opera News

Summer Lee Jack designed delightful costumes for the beautiful ensembles of hens, fox cubs, forest animals, and others.’ -  Bruce-Michael Gelbert from [Q]

'There was so much about this production to cherish. The costuming by Summer Lee Jack was imaginative and colorful, telling so much about each character.’ - meche kroop

'The performance also gets a lift from the winsome costumes by Summer Lee Jack’ 'the colors are gaudy and the gestures suitable. Of course hens (in yellow wigs and lofty heels) knit while sitting on their eggs—why didn’t I know that? And of course Czech vixens have peasant patterns sewn into their fur.’-  John Yohalem

When the reviewer talks about the specific details of the work but fails to credit the designer: 'The costumes themselves were representational without being unwieldy, and the consolidation of certain roles (Mr. Su sang the Parson and the Badger, and Ms. Martin played both Sharp-Ears and one of her kits in the final scene) only made sense, given the lack of children in the cast and the resources of the conservatory.’ - Paul J. Pelkonen

'This piece is particularly moving when, as it was at Manhattan School of Music, it is performed by young singers just setting out on new careers. And they seemed even younger in Dona D. Vaughn’s adorable production, presented as a children’s play, in costumes and sets that (deliberately) looked homemade.’ - James Jorden


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