The Tower: NYC 2015

The Tower Low Res-The Tower Low Res-0103

Reviews are in for the Tower that I designed here in New York at the Here Arts Center! Downtown theatre at its finest. A show with a very compelling story to tell, about the pioneers that made it west to California as members of the Donner Party in 1847. Such a fun group of people to do a play like this with, its been a wild ride.

"The TOWER is an amazing collaborative production where each of its parts are as strong as the next. It’s inventive and expertly written, directed and acted, with eye-popping props (Dan Daly, Stephanie Cox-Williams) and wonderfully cohesive set (Pieyi Wong), lighting (Alana Jacoby), sound (Sam Kusnetz) and costumes (Summer Lee Jack).” - Leslie Dileo from Hi Drama

"Gates and his concrete design team reimagined how to transform a common theater space. Scenic designer Peiyi Wong’s unparalleled design transported the audience through time and space. With virtually four “stages” for Gates to play in, Wong paid attention to detail, providing intricate detail without overstuffing the space. The subtleties, between the wood features to the forests-scape on all surfaces, Wong transformed HERE Arts Center into something you wish would never change. The lighting design by Alana Jacoby was precise and sharp bouncing from scene to scene but when the travelers were in the wilderness, the cold light was perfectly terrifying. The costumes from Summer Lee Jack fit the period well. Even though they were layered, you could see the thin fabrics lead to their demise.” - Michael Block from Theater in the Now .com

"It’s a heady, complex brew, but there are intimate passages that arrestingly portray the minutia of daily life under the harshest of conditions. Each and every member of the terrific ten-person cast -- garbed in Summer Lee Jack’s period-evoking costumes -- captures both the look and essence of hardy people unmoored by nature and their own inclinations. “ - Ron Cohen from NY Theater

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